Tips for Hosts

As a former librarian and teacher I have watched many people teach and present over the years and have picked up a few pointers on effective presentations.

This list will continue to grow as I attend talks and notice the good, the bad and the ugly. Based on my observations, I will add further suggestions here.

* Make your expectations clear to the presenter

* Confirm details in writing, email is appropriate in the 21st century  and give presenter contact details of the organiser

* Ascertain what techical requirements the speaker has and organise prior to the event

* If possible give details about audience - number of attendees, level of knowledge etc.

* Offer to photocopy handouts

* If possible provide a map to venue and organise a parking spot for the presenter

* Be on hand to welcome the presenter or allocate this duty to another person

* Assist the presenter with setup - each venue is unique

* Have water available for the presenter

* Have someone do an introduction and short bio of the presenter

* Ensure that someone from the organising body remains in the room during the talk

* Have someone propose a vote of thanks at the conclusion of the talk

* If the speaker is a volunteer consider a small token of appreciation eg a book, petrol voucher, flowers